Sell ​​YTCs

In order to offer YTCs on the Exchange, the amount you want to sell must be transferred from your YTC Wallet to the Exchange. Obviously, to sell you must have YTCs available in your YTC Wallet and your account must have been verified.

If for any reason you wish to return YTCs to your YTC Wallet, you must cancel all active sales advertisements.


  1. Access the site and click"login" o "Post a trade".

  2. Login with the same username and password as the GDC account.

  3. Once you have logged in, click on the top right in Wallet.

  4. On the Wallet page the balance is shown, click Upload YTC.

  5. Enter the amount to transfer from your YTC Wallet to the Exchange and click on the "Transfer" button.

  6. When you have made the transaction a new balance will be displayed with the message "Ok"

  7. Once again click on the link "Post a trade", If your account has already been verified (condition to sell), go to step 9, otherwise click on "Proceed to identity see..."

  8. Upload the images of the requested corresponding documentation:

    • It will report the status of each documentation at the bottom of each one.
    • On the right-hand side of the screen, the general status of the verification is reported.
  9. Once inside 'post a trade', select the type of sale you wish to make and complete the required fields, such as city, country, currency type, payment method, etc (note that the currency type option affects the search).

  10. When you save the information if the system does not find an error, you can publish your ad by previewing it.

  11. Because a user can not transact with while being logged in, the ads are removed from the search, so you must close the section if you want to view your ad in the search results.

Buy YTCs

Log in, carry out the search in the area, import in the currency and show my purchase intention.

The advertisement reflects what the payment methods are and how to contact the seller.

To contact the seller I have to initiate a transaction.

Once the transaction has started, the system deposits the required amount of tokens.

Our system guarantees the buyer that if he has fulfilled his purchase he will receive the requested YTCs.

GDC Exchange only guarantees transactions made through the system.

In purchases made online, the buyer has 5 minutes to confirm the payment. After this period, the transaction is automatically cancelled.

Once the payment is confirmed, the seller is notified and will release the YTCs. In the event that this does not happen, the buyer may initiate a dispute.

Fees & Charges

The seller will pay 5% on the sale at the time of the transfer.

The buyer does NOT pay any fees.